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One satisfied client says . . .

"I am a successful entrepeneur with 35 years of executive search experience. I have experienced the work of a a wide variety of consultants over my years as a business leader and owner. With unqualified enthusiasm, I recommend Cullen Coates in the role of high level Strategy Consultant. 

The unique strength of Cullen's work is his ability to inspire great vision as well as the execution of vision among those of us who love to vision and sometimes forget to organize the details of the great plan." 

Leni Miller President and Founder, EA Search LLC

Over the past thirty five years, Cullen Coates has worked in a wide variety of industries in senior management, consulting and Board positions with domestic and international companies, with  European and Asian companies migrating to the US and with non-profit organizations.

His breadth of substantive, hands-on operating experience uniquely qualifies him to provide careful, strategic advice and specific operational implementation guidance managers at all levels including Chief Executives and Boards of Directors.

Cullen has extensive experience with the challenges of building companies, designing and implementing strategic change and improving management team alignment. He has worked with more than twenty companies in as many industry sectors as well as with a variety of non-profit organizations of varying sizes and stages of growth.

He has worked with startups and Fortune 100 companies – helping them manage through growth and restructuring as well as helping to drive management of the strategy execution process down through the enterprise.

His positions have included Chairman, CEO, President & COO, Director, CEO advisor, investment banker, and founding partner of one of the first, early stage Australian venture capital funds.

Cullen displays an intuitive understanding of the strategic challenges of widely varying types of companies – formulating and implementing successful solutions to the challenges facing the CEO and management team.

He is author of several whitepapers and consulting programs on topics ranging from Board and management team alignment, strategic planning, strategy execution, the role of a non-executive chair, effective performance coaching, managing organizational competencies and implementing advanced workflow management solutions.

 Selected Career Highlights

  • Founding President & COO of QuickResponse Services, one of the first online B2B catalog and exchange companies. Cullen built the strategic direction and infrastructure to overtake a Fortune 500 competitor and achieve a committed revenue rate of $42 million.

  • President & COO of Equinox Retail Software, a pioneering enterprise software firm. Cullen established and achieved industry-recognized top-rank market position for the company in two years from market entry.

  • Co-founder of one of the first Australian emerging-growth “incubator” venture capital funds and obtained early investment funding from the Australian government.

  • Successfully managed troubled companies to refocus strategy, restructure operations, and arrange creative new funding for systematic and orderly workout.

Board Positions
Cullen has had multiple Director and Board Chair positions with emerging growth technology and service companies as well as non-profit organizations in Australia and the United States.

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