At Crystal Bay Solutions we work hard to deliver effective results for our clients.  Crystal Bay Solutions has consistently scored the highest level score of 5 on the Quick Base Partners page, here, for our work with our clients.  Our goal is to deliver your customized application on time, on budget, and with all requirements met.

“Great Project Management Development Support”

Cullen worked with us on two project management applications for large disaster recovery projects. Our in-house developer created the first base application, but our needs quickly grew to require development support within the first month of operations.

We needed to evolve the apps to accommodate work assignments, change orders, QA/QC, invoicing and quite a bit of other functionality. Cullen worked tirelessly with our in-house developer and project teams on days, evenings and weekends. He also offered helpful business/functionality insights as we came across workflow and programmatic issues. Due to the pace and volume of the projects, we needed very fast and responsive support.

Cullen is very easy to work with, and we'd highly recommend partnering with Crystal Bay for your next project.
Kelly - Excel  


This was my first time working with a database company and my developer couldn't have made it easier for our company to develop a solution that was both easy for my staff to use and also streamlined our workflow. I would highly recommend Crystal Bay Solutions. 
Beth - White Cross Pharmacy  


“We needed a consultant to assist on building a Global Data Base for our product line that includes everything from factory quotes, to material break downs, etc. Whatever challenge we throw at them, they help find a solution. These solutions come from a clear understanding of how business run and what retailers expect.”
Matthew Post 

“Extremely Helpful App Development”

Crystal Bay Solutions helped my non-profit create a contact management system for our outreach program. They were extremely attentive and helped us manage and track our outreach work tremendously. I worked with Crystal Bay for several months, during which we spoke on the phone weekly. They helped me design a system based on our specific (and complex) organizational needs, and worked with me through the implementation period of our app. They exhibited great care, attention to detail, and professionalism throughout our work together. The team at Crystal Bay quickly responded to all of my inquiries, and didn't hesitate to set up a meeting or work through a bug with me if need be. Their pricing was fair, and their work was high quality. I would highly recommend Crystal Bay Solutions for any non-profit hoping to develop a Quick Base app.
Matt Phillips - National Wildlife Federation

“You did it!”

Crystal Bay Solutions designed a CRM solution for Sight Word Busters that has enabled our education/literacy related nonprofit to effectively track every aspect of our 501c3. The CRM includes volunteer information, placement and schedules; student data; school coordinators roles; and even incorporates a donor management page. Due to a deep business knowledge and the dedicated approach of Crystal Bay Solutions we have a solution that has converted our goals into a reality. The addition of a Quick Base CRM allows us to serve our community at the highest level and we could not be more thankful.
Linda LoBue - Sight Word Busters


I didn't want someone to make me an app and hand me the keys. I want to know how it's built, so I have the ability to make changes without paying on an ongoing basis. Cullen understands that and has functioned as a consultant and a coach. I would consider the money I've spent an educational expense, because while I have received a functional app in the process... it's the education I really value.
Ted - Medical Sales

“Reliable, Quick Work”

Crystal Bay Solutions LLC came highly recommended to us and they did not disappoint. We had a very tight deadline that required a rush-delivery for a relatively complicated application. Not only were they able to accommodate our deadline, but our developer was always very responsive for any questions and on-the-go alterations we needed. We We’ll gladly work with Crystal Bay Solutions again.
Kristina Kopic - Ruderman Family Foundation

“Perfect Solution”

Crystal Bay Solutions helped turn my spark of an idea into a reality. Cullen got to know my specific business, brainstormed with me ideas, and was able to create a database that tracks our projects as well as our inventory. Most importantly, Cullen pushed through until we arrived at a finished product; a service that is hard to find these days. My experience with Crystal Bay has been excellent and I would recommend them to anyone!
Katie Baker - Ag Air Turbines

“Project Management System”

Working with Crystal Bay was terrific. Cullen was efficient and professional throughout the process and a pleasure to work with. Our company has experienced a dramatic increase in productivity by putting the information we need in front of us through the entire process of our projects. We will continue to expand our capabilities with the Quickbase platform and look forward to further consultation and development from Crystal Bay. We would highly recommend Crystal Bay to anyone looking to increase productivity in any industry.
Tom Ellsworth - PCI

“Comprehensive Support Services”

Thank you to Crystal Bay Solutions for offering comprehensive Support Services. Your communication style is very clear and your support very reliable. We've enjoyed building a constituent management application in QuickBase with the help of Cullen and the team.
Erica Gundry - American Transplant Foundation

“Data Management”

Keeping up with the minimum data entry needs for a large bi-lingual parish was a challenge. We were using a software application that was designed for Catholic churches, another retail app for event scheduling and we were also using numerous excel spreadsheets and multiple function specific databases. This solution was not meeting our business needs. Everything is connected. We needed more value from our data and consequently our processes needed to share and optimize information. With this understanding we prioritized some goals: - Improve reporting and report processes, - Streamline data entry, - Reduce the number of databases we were maintaining, and - Prepare for a future capital campaign (donor management).

Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria, Virginia partnered with Cullen Coates of Crystal Bay Solutions in 2010 to help us identify and accomplish our content management goals and objectives. It was a great experience. A key value of partnering with Cullen was his approach to strategy and planning discussions that resulted in a plan / direction to unify and integrate data collection through much of the business operation (of the parish) using the QuickBase technology.

The QuickBase solution enabled us to capture, categorize and maintain data in new and different ways. For example, the ability to add additional fields and define the type of field enabled us to improve our management of programs; performance tracking and measuring outcomes. There were times, as the database evolved, that we needed to add functionality requiring more complex programming. Cullen's alliance with developers (that provided this support) was another value-add. Cullen has good communication / interaction skills. He listens for understanding. He was available when we needed him and he was committed to providing excellent customer service. We accomplished our goals.
Mona Peglow - Former Director of Development at Good Sheperd

“High quality deliverables, exceptional service”

StudentsFirst retained Crystal Bay to help implement a purchase order management tool. Sounds simple, right? In fact, procurement, for us, is a complex process involving our Finance and Legal teams and several types of approval workflows. Crystal Bay didn't just deliver a solution, they took the time to work with us to hone and streamline our business process to provide a solution optimized for our particular business needs. I recommend them without reservation and look forward to working with them on future projects.
Michael J. Hassid of StudentsFirst

“Way above and beyond”

I cannot tell you how fortunate we feel to be working with Crystal Bay Solutions. They have been so patient in working with us to get our reporting exactly right, and have spent a great deal of extra time talking with our program leaders to ensure that they get the functionality they need. This is a truly customized program for our division, one that will help us immensely in our reporting and, I'm certain, in developing future funding. We are very grateful for all they have done.
Laura Darling of Episcopal Senior Communities |

“Crystal Bay Solutions LLC”

We were introduced to Crystal Bay Solutions to help us implement a relatively complex production management system that would handle many product variations yet have a simple enough interface that shop floor personnel could inquire and update production progress rapidly using iPad tablets. We also needed some other functionality such as timesheet tracking and estimating as well as estimating new jobs. Crystal Bay has extensive management experience and knowledge of how businesses operate. This experience helped them do a great job of looking beyond what we thought were our initial needs and anticipate things that probably would have become problems later on if we hadn't identified them up front. While the requirements discussions sometimes were lengthy, they proved well worth it as the resulting application thoroughly addresses all our operational needs. Their strengths are their ability to manage complex issues with patience and tact (extremely important as you define requirements), problem solving and critical thinking, attention to detail, reliability and quick response. I highly recommend Crystal Bay for any QuickBase development work. 
Diane Welker of Laran Bronze, Inc. 

“Very smart and easy to work with”

I had a great experience working with Crystal Bay. We had a lot of what I considered confusing aspects to what I wanted and they were able to implement everything exactly as I wanted, and help me understand things in a much simpler way. Will continue to use their services, and highly recommended!
Devin Angus of OriginOil, Inc 

“Top Notch 5 QuickBase Consultant”

“I have worked with Cullen/Crystal Bay Solutions for over two years where he was the sole Quickbase expert on a critical, enterprise wide application. Cullen is one of those rare professionals that go above and beyond every single time to ensure he exceeds client expectations. His problem solving and critical thinking skills are second to none. Among his many strengths are his attention to detail, dependability, strong understanding of business processes and ability to manage problematic, complex issues with patience and tact. In addition, Cullen possesses remarkable interpersonal skills and a great work ethic making him an absolute delight to work with.

He has worked at odd hours (with our teams being on different time zones) with swift turnaround time. As a Quickbase expert, he stands among the best in the industry with deep knowledge of the platform's capabilities; Cullen is known to keep abreast with new, emerging technologies and industry trends making him a strong asset to any organization. He has also consistently implemented large scale projects on time and within budget.

I highly recommend Cullen/Crystal Bay Solutions, unreservedly, for any QuickBase development and/or consulting role.”
Patricia D’lima

“Custom HR Application”

“We worked with Crystal Bay on a customized version of their HR application. The project was successful as it was delivered on time, on budget and the application works exactly as we had mapped out. Crystal Bay were great to deal with and were very patient and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other QuickBase users.”
Mark Wilson 
EVP of Envision Sales Inc .

“Thanks Cullen!”

“I highly recommend Cullen Coates at Crystal Bay Solutions! Cullen worked persistently to make changes to my non-profit's database that allow us to better quantify the work we do. He is incredibly competent with QuickBase, and he patiently dealt with challenges as they arose.”

“Yes Sir”

“This worked out for us. We tried working out our database on our own for a while, but there were some complicated things that were beyond us. Cullen stepped in and got things straightened out, and even gave us some above-and-beyond advice to help us correct our architecture to avoid future problems that would have given us some serious headaches. We'll be back for future projects.”

Jason T. of Pauly Rogers and Co.

“Small Nonprofit”

“Cullen was able to provide us with a quick setup for a membership management system we could never outgrow. We have been up and running for two years now, and are able to capture new contacts off our website directly into our database from our outreach programs. Cullen is easy to work with, and so is the application.”

Frank Kelly of AREA 

“Application Development”

I have worked with Crystal Bay Solutions for the past two years developing health, safety, environmental and quality management tracking systems. I have been extremely pleased with the work product, prompt support, and creativity of design for the applications developed. Crystal Bay Solutions has certainly been a key contributor to my success.”

Misti Parr of RPS Group  

Virtual Business Management

“My business model changed from a central office to a decentralized operation with staff working from home offices. Crystal Bay developed a solution that enabled me to quicklysend out client assignments to each staff consultant. Once the assignment was completed, the consultant entered a summary of what happened and the amount of time spent with the client along with any expenses incurred. This enabled me to develop activity reports and keep track of where clients were in our process. It also provided me with the information needed to pay my consultants. When questions arose about the system, Cullen was easily reached and quickly explained the situation or resolved the problem. I couldn't be happier.”

Tom Serleth of Power Transitions 

“Cullen Coates Extraordinaire”

“I had the good fortune of being introduced to Cullen Coates several years ago. He designed and constructed a clean application for us to begin building historical relationships.  Cullen is the most knowledgeable professional in Quickbase I have ever met and his bedside manner helped to ease the pain each time I ventured into places I should have stayed out of.  Cullen made sure that the foundation was solid and there was always a backup!”

Cheri Haganey of BridgeWorks, Inc.

Partnering for Non-Profits

“Thanks to the collaboration and excellent knowledge of QuickBase through our consultant, we were able to transition easily our contacts into an application that helps us manage donations, membership dues records, and much more.

Additionally, QuickBase now helps us to manage our collection of botanical garden plants, including implementation of signage by exportation of specific fields from the database program.

Cullen was responsible for helping our organization create strategic planning, membership management, and the maintenance of plants and equipment. He also made follow up contacts to help us upgrade or tweek the applications whenever we needed it. Now, as the person responsible for managing all external and internal contacts, I'm very pleased that I can now create and generate reports and other relative documents in more than half the time that it used to take with our previous applications from another company.”

Lori of American Camellia Society 

“Data Management or How to herd Ducks!”

“Our data management needs had been like herding ducks!, But Crystal Bay Solutions and QuickBase were the answer. We have many stakeholders who all needed to input, update, change and review the data, QuickBase/Crystal Bay Solutions gives us all the tools we need for users of all levels of skills. It has allowed us to put all of our ducks in a row and to really use our data, instead of not knowing what we had or what to do with that knowledge.”

Shannon Nabors of Episcopal Community Services of America 

“Exceptional Personal Service”

“You will love the way the folks at Crystal Bay Solutions listen and learn about your business, and then combine that with their knowledge and expertise about business and process automation and Quickbase. You probably already have ideas about how you can use Quickbase to save time and money in your business...and Crystal Bay Solutions will show you additional ways to use Quickbase to save time and money that will probably have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.”


“Highly Recommend!”

“Crystal Bay Solutions was able to quickly implement a powerful and fully-integrated workflow management solution to meet our organizational needs in a very short timeframe. We appreciate their dedication, attention to detail, and customer service — we highly recommend their services!”

Norm Zablocki  of Media Cats

“QuickBase Development for Non-Profit”

“Cullen did excellent work in both scoping and developing a highly cost effective solution for our small non profit organization. I would recommend his work to anyone.”

Steve McCoy-Thompson 

“Crystal Bay Solutions”

“Cullen at Crystal Bay Solutions was great to work with. He was always pleasant and willing to spend time explaining the ins and outs of the application. Whenever a question would arise, Cullen would spend as much time as was needed to help us solve the problem. The implementation of our application went smoothly, thanks in large part to the patience and expertise of Crystal Bay Solutions.”


“Crystal Bay Solutions Stepped up for Us”

We had a very complex database application that was beyond our ability to complete in a timely manner on our own so we turned to Cullen at Crystal Bay Solutions. Cullen was very professional and responsive in his interactions with us and proved to be very flexible with his work and scheduling. We had many revisions during our development, but Cullen remained completely patient with us all the way until the project was closed out. We will certainly be turning to Cullen again in the future the next time the opportunity arises.”

Jay Colbert 

“Great application and spectacular service”

“Cullen Coates at Crystal Bay Solutions created the perfect application to fit our needs and the service and assistance we received were exceptional. Should we ever find ourselves in need of developing any additional applications, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Cullen.”

Jen Simonson 

“Dynamic, Customizable, and Personal”

“QuickBase allows us to use data in a way that tells our story. It is easily customizable, so we can track and emphasize the data that is valuable to us, rather than having to fit into a pre-conceived box. The data is dynamic; we can see how members are interacting with one another, as opposed to just a chronology of a single member’s activities. QuickBase reports are simple to construct, and the customizable reports and roles allow each user to get the data that is most useful to them.”


“Integrity, Very Knowledgeable, Great Solution”

“I built the first revision of QuickBase.  As the company grew,  needed a more sophisticated QuickBase, and building it was beyond my capabilities. So, I worked with a couple consultants and ultimately finished the job with Cullen.

Some things I learned in the process: 
1) Is the person pitching my business actually going to be the one doing the development? Or do they farm it out to more junior people who then require a lot of my supervision and take longer to finish the project? 
2) Do we both have a sense of urgency for my project? Or do they fit me in while working part time and taking vacations thereby delaying my project's completion?
 3) Are they committed to understanding my business and giving me a quality end deliverable? Or, are they solely focused on billable hours, i.e. billing for time worked even if they are not giving me a bug-free, well-designed, meeting-my-original- requirements solution?

I had a great experience with Cullen. He took the time up front to really understand my business, operations, and QuickBase wish list. And then walked me through possible solutions. He did not charge me for this initial consultation, and it was thorough.

I could tell he really knew his stuff, and Cullen was the person who actually built out QuickBase. So he required no supervision from me and just occasional feedback/check ins to make sure he was meeting my requirements. He also worked full time and communicated up front his other project commitments.

Lastly, Cullen has a lot of integrity and really cared about my business and delivered a quality solution. I would hire him again and recommend him highly.”

Shelia Kilbride 

“Human Resources Application”

From a Human Resources perspective, the HR Management Application has all of the fields available to effectively enter and maintain information for our
company. The ease of maneuvering around within the database is great; everything is there at a glance. I was surprised at how many additional fields are available i.e. performance issues tracking, injury reporting, adding relevant documents, etc. and like that we can customize existing fields to suit our purposes.

The use of the HR Management Application is a valuable addition for my department as I will be able to produce documents and reports that I am presently creating manually in other formats.

Karen Barattia of Reliant Land Services