HR Management Application
A comprehensive HR Management solution for most HR functions including detailed employee information, performance reviews, timecards, benefits, payroll inputs, visa tracking and more.

Incident & Corrective Action Application
The solution enables you to track and report the data necessary for OSHA workplace injury and illness forms 300, 300A and 301.

Corporate Workflow Applications
Examples of how Quick Base can be used across the enterprise to implement shared workflow applications in all departments.

NonProfit Workflow Applications
Examples of how Quick Base can be used in a wide variety of ways to improve productivity by automating non-profit administrative workflows.

NonProfit Management Application
One of the most extensive online Non-profit CRM applications, including donor, event, membership, program, payments, volunteer management and much more.

Crystal Bay Solutions Overview
An overview of our Quick Base consulting services, applications and clients.

Program Measurement & Outcomestion
The solution offers a customizable application that handles complex program participation and outcomes tracking. It is intended for use by non-profits and other companies that are managing grant programs requiring detailed reporting on participant milestones achievement and other demographic-based outcomes measurement.

Micro-Brewery Manufacturing Application
A pre-built application designed for Microbrewery or other manufacturing batch production, inventory, CRM and PO management. Easily customized for any batch manufacturing process.

Parish Management Application
A comprehensive solution for Parish management. This application tracks all parishioner interactions and activities including sacraments, demographics and relationships. It also can be used for volunteer and school class tracking as well as management of other functions such as print shop task management. It has embedded functions for CRM and donor management and can be integrated with our HR solution for managing internal staff.


“A Catalog Approach to Database Design”
Many organizations design workflow applications by focusing entirely on a specific function rather than considering the systemic impact. Using examples of companies that successfully developed online catalog businesses can help managers think differently about system design. Download a copy of our whitepaper describing how managers can approach the problem of effective workflow application design.

“Effective Performance Coaching”
One of the most difficult management tasks is developing an effective coaching process that drives employees to achieve top performance while ensuring that the process itself does not distract from crisp execution of business strategies and plans. This whitepaper discusses methods that managers can implement to achieve top performance and embed "exception-based management" practices to achieve effective performance with more efficient use of scarce resources.

“Managing Organizational Competencies
A focus on organizational competencies is more critical to achieving team alignment, effective execution and the right allocation of scarce resources than is a focus on strategic goals.This whitepaper introduces managers to the concept of organizational competencies - which are different than "employee skills" - and shows how they can be used to drive all aspects of corporate performance from project planning to performance evaluation and budgeting scarce resources.

“Planning a Lunch Strategically”
In many aspects of our daily lives we plan personal and business events and activities in a manner that mirrors the approach we take in developing a strategic plan for the organizations that we manage. And yet we rarely “cascade” that same planning process down into the business. Doing so enables us to implement a systemic approach to program and project planning that results in management and team alignment and an overall “trusted” decision-making process across the enterprise. This whitepaper gives an example of how we apply strategic planning concepts to organizing our lunch meetings, but do not use the same processes in running our business.

“Strategic Executive Advisory”
Traditional strategic consulting generally starts and ends with development of strategy. But most CEO’s know that developing strategy is only the beginning of the process. What must follow, but often does not, is the process of driving those strategies down through the organization and transforming them into effective operational systems that are mutually supportive.  

We bring our extensive operating experience at all levels of corporate management to help you identify, evaluate, and resolve your key business issues, establish strategic initiatives and build operational systems that ensure effective execution closely tied to an integrated strategic plan.

“The Non-Executive Chairman”
Appointing a Non-Executive Chairman is the single most effective step a Board of Directors can take to force sweeping change in governance – a proven drive of higher market value. This whitepaper discusses the value of separating the role of CEO and Chairman and talks about its importance in companies of all types - both private high growth companies and publicly held corporations.

“Strategic Consulting Services - Process”
Our approach to consulting on team alignment, workflow management, strategy development and strategy execution is very different from most consultants. This presentation shows the ways we differ and how we can add significant value to your overall management process and organizational effectiveness.